Governance (Plans, Policies & practices)

How Aspire to be Deadly does business

Aspire to be Deadly is part of Cairns Hockey Association Inc. CHA Board set policy to protect members and supporters and provide fairness and transparency in what we do and how we do it. All relevant information can be found here together with links to our partners governance where applicable.


Aspire to be Deadly aligns and adopts the policies of:

Hockey Australia

Hockey Queensland

Cairns Hockey

Aspire to be Deadly recognise the policies supporting sport for development and adopts the

United Nations Sustainable Goals

Department of Economic and Social Affairs – Sustainable Development

Aspire to be Deadly aligns and adopts where relevant the policies of

Oceania Hockey Federation

in relation to the Hook in4 Health program



Aspire Coaching Manual

Information and Skills Video

All COVID19 Plans and Policies