Participation Agreement

I must take reasonable care whilst participating acknowledge that all activities at the Cairns Aspire Community Hub and Yarning Place which I participate I do at the invitation of Cairns Hockey Aspire Program. This invitation is conditional upon me being of good behaviour, being respectful, taking direction, no inappropriate language, no violent behaviour, no threats, harassment, or bullying.  All activities that I may participate in may contain an element of risk and mg in activities.  It is the responsibility of participants to engage in activities that he/she has the capacity, interest and willingness to comply with safety measures.  Failure to comply with safety instructions including disrespectful behaviour towards others may result in exclusion from the activity and exclusion from the facility.  In the event of accident or illness, I authorise the Activity Provider to obtain or administer medical assistance or treatment reasonably required which may be prescribed by an appropriately qualified medical practitioner.  I acknowledge that any such treatment, including evacuation and transport shall be my sole responsibility I have provided the details of emergency contact and give my consent to contact the listed persons in the event of accident or illness  I give permission to use photographs/videos for marketing and promotional purposes or for use in media stories/advertising/publications relating to the Cairns Hockey Aspire Program, without financial recompense in the form of royalties or similar payments As the Parent/Guardian of the abovenamed person/s I give full permission for my child to participate in any activities or programs under the Cairns Hockey Aspire Program  As the Parent/Guardian of the abovenamed person/s I consent to my child travelling in approved / registered / licensed vehicle, Cairns Hockey Aspire Program Bus or authorised staff vehicle.