Celebrating 2023 Highlights across Aspire Programs – Live Well Learn Well Lead WellNovember 27, 2023

Congratulations to the ACCL/Aspire Team who together worked very hard to deliver a strong and sustaining program focusing on how participation and engagement in sport can drive positive social outcomes supporting Live Well Learn Well Lead Well.

There continues to be many challenges across community and 2023 saw growth across the Aspire to be Deadly Programs, the numbers of schools wanting to be involved across Torres Strait Islands, Cape York and Tablelands, Cairns Region and Gulf Savannah has grown, participants completing programs have increased, opportunities to be part of accessible and affordable pathways into regular sport improves and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island young women and girls within the program are remaining at school and working towards a positive future.

Our new partners allow us to create expanded opportunities for the future. ACCL/Aspire was granted DGR status with the ATO allowing us to receive tax deductible donations as a Public Benefit Institution and with that, we have been able increase our capacity to provide accessible and affordable transport allowing increased engagement in our programs.

2024 is already looking busy and we thank everyone that has assisted our programs in 2023. We have attached our 2023 Summary Highlights here for your perusal and consideration.