Aces – Excellence Hockey Academy

Aces Excellence Programs are accelerated learning programs especially designed by Aspire to be Deadly Academy at Cairns Hockey to align and support the Cairns Hockey Performance Pathways Programs.

The advanced skills, game strategies and specialized goalkeeping programs are coordinated by international coach and FIH Level 3 Educator – David McNeil and is especially designed to incorporate the skills required to advance Aspire to be Deadly students through the regional and state programs and beyond.

Aspire Deadly 5s logo
  • Multi-week program designed to support Live Well, Learn Well, Lead Well outcomes while improving hockey skills and game management.
  • The Aspire Academy, coordinated by Federation International Hockey Level 3 Coach and Coach Educator David McNeil, is supported by Hockey Australia accredited coaches Wesley Ferns, Lisa Fatnowna and Jess Fatnowna.
  • The Aspire Academy will provide special guest coaches with international experience so participants can experience quality learnings.
  • Academy participants will participate in higher level health, well-being and leadership programs and will conclude with an Academy Gala when all the new skills and learnings can be celebrated.

The next Aces Program will begin in October 2021.

Our 2021 ACES Academy Squad

School Participant
Worree State High School Zyon Nona
Bently Park College Veronica Namai
Cairns State High Lola Baker
Cairns State High Franky Baker
Cairns State High Caleb Marou
TAS Eliza Sailor-Tabuai
CWSS Sarsha Myngha-Thompson
Trinity Bay High School Taliah Lucas
Trinity Bay High School Dominique Talbot
Trinity Bay High School Bronson Talbot

Our 2021 ACES Academy Squad

Our 2020 ACES Academy Squad
School Participant
Cairns High Caleb Marou
TAS Eliza Sailor-Tabuai
Trinity Bay Heidi Talbot
Trinity Bay Afaleah Kennel
Trinity Bay Bronson Talbot
Trinity Bay Angel Kynuna
Cairns West Veronica Namai
Cairns West Rozadella Tabuai
Cairns West Tahlia Lucas

About the artwork

The artwork for the new singlet is designed by local indigenous artists and designers – Carleah & Lynn Flinders.

The artwork represents different community groups and families all coming together as a team. There are 11 players and one coach around the circle. The circle an unbroken meeting a team is one together. Kangaroo tracks at the top crocodile tracks at the bottom represents Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders within the team in the sport.

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