State of Mind

Smashing the Stigma around mental health challenges.
A Cairns Hockey, Aspire to be Deadly and North Queensland Primary Health Network Collaboration

Aspire to be Deadly supports the Cairns Hockey State of Mind Program and works to strengthen engagement to increase awareness around the challenges associated with mental health conditions and Smash the Stigma around talking about the issues and its impact.

Aspire to be Deadly incorporate mental health first aid training in staff and mentor support training. Specialists are secured to discuss the danger signs with our students, and we encourage conversations with our mentors. Banners and Support Information is available at the Hockey Hub where conversations around well-being and mental health challenges are normalized and information in simple English is available and shared. All of this is possible through the Empower Me support programs offer at Aspire to be Deadly.

Smashing the Stigma around Mental Health is a strong promotion and using signage, social media and online digital messaging through Team App and other resourcing will spread the work during POST COVID 19 delivery. We cannot take our eye off the ball – With at least 1 in 5 Australians effected by mental illness over the course of a lifetime, Cairns Hockey believes it is utilizing the profile of the game in the region and its satellite programs across the remote indigenous communities of FNQ, Cape York and Torres Strait Islands to positively impact the mental health and wellbeing of the hockey family and broader community.

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Mental health statistics show Aboriginal people are much more likely to suffer from depression or dementia than other Australians:


Percentage of Aboriginal people who are suffering from some form of psychological distress.

Same figure for all Australians: 20%[8].

Percentage of Aboriginal people aged over 45 years with dementia.

Same rate for non-Aboriginal people: 2.6%


Times Aboriginal people living in remote communities are more likely to develop dementia than people living in countries such as Africa, India or Indonesia

On the back of a successful awareness campaign Cairns Hockey is collaborating with mental health professionals and partners to develop a grassroots health promotion that reduces stigma, increases mental health literacy and stimulates help seeking behaviour. The refreshed program identifies a holistic approach within the hockey community and after COVID 19, the struggles with mental health and social disconnect is highlighted more than ever.

Signage and Branding will be coordinated through-out the site, across Aspire to be Deadly Program and linked to workshops and information sharing so relevant information is accessible to our members and conversations around mental health challenges are embraced. These include pre-season competition, pitch signage and event promotion each year. Aspire to be Deadly run regular workshops and have expanded this service to Cairns clubs and volunteers.

For more information on the State of Mind Program and upcoming promotions, contact Julie McNeil.